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1 A–F and N). To examine the relative contribution of Lgr5 vs. Bmi1 ISCs to tissue regeneration under steady-state conditions Lgr5-EGFP-Ires-CreERT2 and RosaSOR-LacZ mice (Jackson Laboratories, Bar Harbor, USA) were crossed to incorporate the LacZ reporter for lineage tracing upon administering tamoxifen . These Lgr5-EGFP-Ires-CreERT2/R26R-LacZ mice were also backcrossed into a hairless background using Crl:SKH1-HR hairless mice (Charles River, Sulzfeld, Germany). stochastically initiated using the Lgr5-EGFP-Ires-CreERT2 allele in conjunction with the R26R-Confetti reporter. Analysis of stem cell clones was performed at various time points after Cre-activation by tamoxifen in 10-week-old mice, after which the progeny of these Lgr5hi cells were mapped in 3D-reconstructed crypts.

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Taste progenitor cells in the CVP express LGR5 and can be isolated via EGFP fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) from mice carrying an Lgr5 EGFP-IRES-CreERT2 allele. Sorted cells are plated onto a matrix gel-based 3D culture system and cultured for 12 days. Lgr5-eGFP-IRES-CreERT2 and Bmi1-CreER; Rosa26-YFP mice were used to compare the basal proliferation status of Lgr5 + vs. Bmi1 + ISCs during homeostasis. We used short-term tamoxifen exposure, for induction of Cre-mediated recombination, to selectively mark Bmi1 + ISCs in vivo. By using the knock-in allele Lgr5EGFP-Ires-CreERT2, we have shown that the cell surface receptor Lgr5 (leucine-rich repeat–containing heterotrimeric guanine nucleotide–binding protein–coupled Lgr5-EGFP-Ires-CreERT2;R26R-Confetti double transgenic mice were treated with vehicle (n = 8) or G007-LK (n = 5) and tamoxifen according to the two administration schemes outlined in Fig. 1d, f. In control mice, lineage traced cells populated the entire length of the villi (Fig.

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analyses of the clonal output were performed at 14 days, 2 months, 6 months, and 12 months after the final tamoxifen. Long-term culture of adult progenitor cells in 3D is a recently emerging technology that inhabits the space between 2D cell lines and organ slice culture. Adaptations to defined media components in the wake of advances in ES and iPS cell culture has led to the identification of conditions that maintained intestinal cell progenitors in culture. Lgr5-EGFP-Ires-CreERT2 mice 1, APCmin17, Axin2-lacZ mice 15, Gfi1-/-19, CR2-tox175, Sox9fl/fl20 and R26R-confetti 2 mice were described earlier.

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15). All mice were crossed onto a C57BL/6 background for at least 10 generations. Although small and large intestines possess seemingly similar Wnt-driven leucine-rich repeat-containing G protein–coupled receptor 5 (Lgr5)+ adult epithelial stem cells, we report here that the two organs exhibit distinct mechanisms of tissue response to ionizing radiation. Employing Lgr5-lacZ transgenic mice and Lgr5 in situ hybridization, we found colonic epithelial stem cells (CESC Transcriptional differences between ISCs and their daughter cells can be explored by use of the Lgr5‐EGFP‐ires‐CreERT2 knock‐in (Lgr5‐ki) mouse (Supplementary Figure S1A; Barker et al, 2007).

Bioz Stars score: 86/100, based on 1 PubMed citations. ZERO BIAS - scores, article reviews, protocol conditions and more 2018-01-31 · Inhibition of BMP signaling in Lgr5 cells was achieved by crossing Lgr5-EGFP-ires-CreERT2 (Lgr5-Cre) mice to mice with floxed alleles of BMP receptor 1A (Lgr5-Cre;Bmpr1aflox/flox mice). Lgr5/GFP+ve cells were isolated using flow cytometry. 2010-01-08 · Lgr5-EGFP-ires-CreERT2 mice were injected with BrdU 2 hr prior to sacrifice in order to visualize actively cycling cells within the stomach. This revealed the presence of S-phase (i.e., cycling) cells within the Lgr5-EGFP +ve population at the gland base ( Figures 1 G and 1H; red arrows), although proliferation was generally less frequent than at the isthmus above the neck of the pyloric glands.
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Intraperitoneal injection of tamoxifen induced acute loss of APC in a  29 Mar 2012 immunostaining in Lgr5-EGFP-IRES-CreERT2 and wild-type mice. We compared Lrig1 and Lgr5 expression, as Lgr5 is an established SC  2 Feb 2018 The regenerative response of Lgr5-positive ISC was examined by lineage tracing assay using Lgr5-EGFP-ires-CreERT2-TdT mice with  Vav3−/− (Lgr5 APC V2V3) and Lgr5-EGFP-IRES-creERT2 Apcfl/fl. Tiam1.

To induce the expression of the reporter gene, a single  We crossed Lgr5-EGFP-IRES-CreERT2 knock-in and ROSA26-tdTomato (LRT) mice, and treated them with or without 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT), to determine   Aug 1, 2012 To study the behavior of Lgr5+ cells within Apc-mutant adenomas, we then crossed Lgr5EGFP-Ires-CreERT2/Apcfl/fl mice with the R26R-Confetti  Exogenous IFN-γ depletes Paneth cells and modifies the expression of rapidly cycling ISC markers. Heterozygous Lgr5 Egfp Ires Creert2 Mice, supplied by The   Jan 15, 2021 Organoids from Lgr5-EGFP-ires-CreERT2-TdT mice were transplanted in C57Bl6 male mice exposed to PIR. Engraftment and repopulation of  (C) MGs were isolated from Lgr5-EGFP mice and analyzed by flow cytometry for iments, Lgr5-EGFP-IRES-creERT2 mice were crossed into the LifeAct-RFP.
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One week postinduction with Tam, the mice were sacrificed and the tongues were dissected out.

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Lgr5  quence of adenoma formation, we generated Lgr5-EGFP-. IRES-creERT2; APCflox/flox mice. Intraperitoneal injection of tamoxifen induced acute loss of APC in a  29 Mar 2012 immunostaining in Lgr5-EGFP-IRES-CreERT2 and wild-type mice.

Tumors were then flow-sorted into fractions of epithelial cells that expressed high or low levels of Lgr5 and were molecularly characterized using gene expression profiling and array comparative genomic hybridization. Lgr5 EGFP‐Ires‐CreERT2 knock‐in mice (Barker et al., 2007) and Rosa26‐LacZ mice were obtained from the Jackson Laboratory. These two mouse strains were crossed to generate the Lgr5 EGFP‐Ires‐CreERT2; Rosa26‐LacZ mice.